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Why Choose Us?

A One Stop Solution

A totally integrated comprehensive business solution for all routes to market. Whether it is over the phone, via mail, your web site, from Amazon, eBay a seamless transaction from procurement through stock control, placing the order, picking, packing & despatching, analysing sales & developing a new marketing campaign for the next cycle. We have it all covered.

A Personal Approach

Our personal approach to helping you find the right solution for your business is how we developed a flexible attitude to meeting your requirements - whilst ensuring a practical (workable) solution was delivered. No two businesses are the same, even in the same industry, we are always open minded to new businesses as their needs and requirements constantly evolve.

A Partnership

We make it our business to know our customers & their business intimately. We spend most of our time supporting current customers & helping them expand from the use of our software & services. Historically our growth comes from current customers expanding rather than from recruiting new customers. M-Tech will be true a partner in your business to help you achieve the short and long term goals for the business.

A Lifetime Solution

Our unique selling point is our lifetime solution approach. We commit to provide the features and functionality you require for your business, whatever direction your business takes, or demands your markets make. With this philosophy we ensure you maximize the return from your investment both now and in the future.

We have had customers start shopping channels, move into Europe, start selling in America, buy businesses and we have incorporated new functionality into AMO to fully support them. We often deal with businesses that recognise the need for on-going developments to take advantage of the market and business conditions.

To keep and remain one step ahead of your competitors you need a solution that can evolve in line with your business - for the life of your business that's our USP.

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