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What Next?

Pricing AMO

AMO can be installed on as many PCs as you would like, it is the number using the system concurrently (at the same time) that dictates the license fees. This applies both to the application software and the DBMS (database management system). In additional to the initial license fee there is a monthly maintenance fee based on your preferred level of support; from basic to our lifetime approach which will include any new developments.

Pricing AMO-e

Rather than have a large up front development fee, our Ecommerce costs are biased towards a fixed amount per month including hosting. Websites will of course seamlessly integrate with our AMO back office system. Alternatively we can provide tools to update & maintain the web site independently or integrate the site into your existing systems using your preferred methodology. The web site we develop for you will include all the functionality you require from day 1 and going forward we commit to provide you with any on-going changes to the site.

Pricing Systems

We can provide a range of hardware solutions including hosting with appropriate maintenance & support. Hardware including PC's, Laptops, Servers, HHT's, Printers, Hubs etc. are competitively priced. The cost for maintenance & support of hardware is based on the amount of support you require in hours per month which is normally a combination of on-site visits and remote access from our offices as the circumstances dictate.

Next Steps

Just as you are keen to know more about us, AMO and AMO-e, we are keen to know more about you, your business and what we can do to help. Please call Paul or Wayne on 01527 450 438 or email us at enquiries@advancedmailorder.com for more information or to arrange a meeting.

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