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Advanced Mail Order E-Commerce

Web Design & Development

We have our own web designers or we can work with your own designers to produce an E-commerce site worthy of your business. Rest assured navigation, speed, functionality will be up with the very best that is currently available.

Commercial & SEO advice

How can I attract more customers to the site? How can I improve my margins? How can I increase organic traffic to the site? John Healey, our Ecommerce director will help you with a full and frank discussion about these and other aspects of running a successful Ecommerce site.

Fast & scalable

Our solution is developed using Cache from Intersyetems. Caché® is an advanced object database that provides in-memory speed with persistence, and the ability to handle huge volumes of transactional data. Plus, it can run SQL faster than relational databases. Caché enables rapid Web application development, massive scalability, and real-time queries against transactional data – with minimal maintenance and hardware requirements.

It is available for UNIX, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Open VMS – and it also supports MultiValue development. Caché is deployed on more than 100,000 systems ranging from two to over 50,000 users.

To summarise, pound for pound, Caché can’t be beaten for performance against any other DBMS.

Back-End integration

Whether that is into AMO, or your own database, we will provide the necessary functionality for you to maintain the website easily & quickly. From instant transactions using Soap calls, to more traditional batch processing, we can deal with any eventuality.

Multiple Supplier

For the national newspaper groups we have provided a common shopping experience which enables multiple suppliers to maintain their products on a shared shopping site. Customers browse and place orders which are automatically routed to the supplier associated with that product who will then handle the fulfilment & update the customer accordingly. Not unlike Amazon for example.

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